Prior to booking into any Keystone Health Clinical Fitness Class you must first complete an individual assessment with one of our skilled Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists.

To book your initial assessment, regular or casual class, or to request more information about what Keystone Health can offer you, please call our friendly administration staff at Kempsey on 02 6562 8999 or at Port Macquarie on 02 6583 8999.


  • Activate

  • Control

  • Still Standing

  • Active Vision

  • Rehabilitation

  • General Fitness

  • Women's Fitness

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Clinical Pilates


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We offer multiple group classes at Keystone Health that focus on chronic diseases, fall prevention, complex pain and post orthopedic rehabilitation. Group classes are a great way to rehab/improve the body in specific ways, as well as improving general fitness. All our classes are run by one of our expert Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Clinical Pilates Instructors or Personal Trainers.

Our Clinical Fitness Classes are based on an individual's needs and exercise capabilities and include:

  • General Fitness & Women's Fitness

  • Specialised classes including: Activate, Control, Still Standing (Balance and Falls Prevention), Active Vision, Rehabilitation and more

  • Hydrotherapy (currently on hold due to COVID restrictions)


We offer Clinical Pilates under the guidance of one of our skilled Clinical Pilates Instructors. Classes cover a range of experience and use mat work, reformer and other Pilates equipment and aids.


Pilates builds strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone with emphasis on lengthening the body and aligning the spine.  Pilates uses correct alignment, centering, concentration, control, precision, breathing, and flowing movement (the Pilates principles) to establish a balanced body inside and out. It is suitable for treating, managing and preventing lower back pain, neck pain, and other postural injuries and enhancing athletic performance.


Clinical Pilates takes a personalised approach to treatment. A program of exercises specific to your individual needs is developed by a trained professional after an initial assessment of your health, posture, movement patterns, exercise history, injuries and restrictions. This form of Pilates will adapt and change to suit your level and abilities. The goal of Clinical Pilates is to help activate the specific muscles in your body that will bring the biggest rewards.  Your instructor will understand from working with you exactly what your body needs and prescribe a Pilates program that gets to the core of your problem.

The equipment and aids used in Clinical Pilates such as the reformers and trapeze tables allow exercises to be non-weight bearing, light resistance, heavy resistance or body weight assisted, and to be done in any different position. So if you can’t lie on your back, sit on your knees, flex your elbow or turn your neck there are still plenty of options for you that will be taught by your qualified instructor.